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Cloudy With a Chance of Marriage: Three Tips to Prepare for Rain at Your Wedding

Prepare for Rain at Your Wedding | American Tent & Awning Co., Inc.
With the wonders of nature as your backdrop, outdoor weddings can create incredible memories. But outdoor weddings also come with a risk: what will you do if bad weather strikes?
Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prepare so you can enjoy your wedding day, no matter the weather.

1. Rent a Tent

The best way to shelter you and your guests from the rain is to rent an event tent. These types of tents are a far cry from the small, simple tents you see on a camping trip. They are large, beautiful canvas structures that provide a roof over your head while still allowing you to experience the sights and sounds of the great outdoors.
You can choose from several different kinds of event tents. You're probably familiar with a pole tent, which is supported by poles and ropes. Another type of tent is the frame tent, which consists of a canvas roof on top of a frame system. Finally, a canopy has just a roof and no sidewall.
If you worry about fitting a tent with your wedding décor, you should know that tents come in many colors and designs. You can choose an all-white tent, or you could choose one in your wedding colors. Plus, the tent specialists can dress up your tent to make it a beautiful setting for your wedding. For example, they can hang drapes over the tent poles. You can also rent furniture and decorations to create the look you want inside the tent.

2. Don't Mess the Dress

You may worry about rain or mud damaging your wedding dress, especially if you have a long train. You can prevent this scenario by choosing a dress with a bustle. The bustle allows you to tuck up the train of your dress so you can move outdoors without damaging it.
Another great option is to wear a petticoat under your dress. The petticoat lifts your dress hem above the ground so it doesn't drag. You could also try spraying your hem with a fabric protector to shield it from unsightly stains.
You may wonder how to protect the bodice of your dress if it rains—and your hair and makeup as well. Consider purchasing some umbrellas for you and the rest of the wedding party. You could order umbrellas that are white, transparent or in your wedding colors, so they'll even look great for photos.

3. Choose the Shoes

Naturally, you want shoes that feel comfortable and fit your style. But there are other factors to consider for an outdoor wedding. For example, you'll need shoes made of strong, weather-proof materials. You'll also want shoes that don't sink in the grass when you walk in the rain.
To that end, avoid stilettos and other shoes with a thin heel. If you're going for comfort, there are high-end sandals and slip-on shoes on the market. Pumps can also work, as long as the heel is thick enough to prevent you from sinking. And wedges give you the height without the heel, so you won't sink in the grass when you wear them.
When you visit a shoe store, tell the employees about your concerns finding the right outdoor shoe. They'll be able to steer you towards options that will offer both protection and comfort.
These tips can help you enjoy your outdoor wedding day, even if the weather turns out to be less than ideal.
If you would like to rent a tent for your wedding, turn to American Tent & Awning Co., Inc. We provide tents in a variety of different sizes, styles and colors to meet your needs.


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