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How to Size Tents for Your Event

Our professional consultants will be glad to help in this area at no charge. First, determine the number of people attending the event, then how they will be seated.
Cocktail Party (standing) = 6 sq. ft. per person
Cathedral Seating (sitting - no tables) = 9 sq. ft. per person
Banquet Dinner (rectangular tables)  = 10 sq. ft. per person
Formal Dinner (round tables)  = 5 sq. ft. per person        
Serving line and D.J. = 100 sq. ft. per table.

 Also, consider dance floor size. 

Some Definitions

Frame Tent: a tent comprised of a frame system that the canvas or vinyl top is attached to. These can be an aluminum frame system (aluminum frame) or our patented aluminum and wood system (wood frame) which allows for greater design flexibility. One example of the flexibility of our wood-frame system is shown in the photo gallery.
Side Pole Drapes: decorations hung over the tent side poles or legs to dress them up (see pictures).
Canopy: a tent with no sidewall.
Pole Tent: the traditional style of tent, which uses poles and ropes to support and stretch the fabric membrane roof, also sometimes referred to as a "stake tent." Note: these have center and sometimes quarter poles.
Sidewall: tent sides sometimes referred to as "tent flaps." There are several styles to choose from. They are attached after erecting the tent and can be arranged in many ways. The customer can easily change them.